How to access our services

Contact us and we will discuss this with you. For some members the cost may be free. Services that do need payment can be purchased directly by yourself through Self-Directed Payments or through Local Authority commissioned services. The cost will depend on the level of support needed and this will be accessed when you pay us a visit. 

Activity costs

These are additional and can vary depending on the type of activity you choose. All activity costs are displayed in our Out There Daytime and Out There Evenings & Weekends brochures. 

Support costs

If you need a support worker to join an activity, there is also a charge for this. We support our members based on a support needs ratio. 

Our staff support costs are displayed below:

If you would like to bring your own support worker and so not require support from Uniting Friends staff, there is a support cost of just £5 per hour for all activities.

Other information

We can also provide a transport service to and from our daytime activities. Transport can be arranged for £12 per day, and we can also help you to arrange Dial a Ride and taxi services. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Uniting Friends practice and work is developed and shared with the local authority, disability partners and other professional organisations. 

Uniting Friends is funded by the London Borough of Redbridge and by personal and corporate donations.