You will need to prepare for this session.  Make sure you get everything on the shopping list before you join us.  

Shopping List

1 Packet of Sausages OR 1 Pack of Quorn Sausages

1 Small Bag of Frozen Mixed Vegetables (Peas, Carrots, Sweetcorn)

1 Packet of Casserole Mix (Any Brand)

1 Tin Chopped Tomatos

1 Tin Cooked New Potatoes

1 Large Leek

1 Large Onion

Vegetable or Olive Oil

   OR  &      &    &    &    &    &    

You will need to get the items ready to make your meal.  You will need:

Chopping board, knife, large saucepan, measuring jug, spoon, tin opener, kettle

   &   &   & &    &  

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