Join Tracy to do a lovely water colour art session each week.  

Fun with water colours give you the opportunity to try out this lovely paint.  You will create delightful landscapes, flowers, animals, seas and rock patterns.  Work together to build up your skills and a lovely collection of artwork. You can even frame you art.  

Tracy is also providing a Thursday session called Drawing for Beginners.  If you are interest in drawing for beginners then please contact us so we can provide you with all the information and items needed to join in. 

For the water colour session we will need to provide you with a water colour pack.  Your pack will include:

Watercolour Paints 

Watercolour Pad 

Paint Brushes

If any of your materials run out please let us know below and we can send replacements. 

Please register that you would like further information for a call from one of our staff team, they will tell you how to access these sessions. 

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