Calling all artists! TATE Modern Art contest and exhibition 2018

This is an annual event led and funded by Uniting Friends in partnership with TATE Modern, the London Borough of Redbridge and London Borough of Waltham Forest. For the first time the contest is open to adult artists with learning disabilities, mental health, older persons and those living with dementia.

2018 Theme: Pollution. "The Art of Pollution"

We're looking at your artists using mixed media to create masterpieces based on a pollution theme. Think environmental. Think trash art. We welcome all styles of entry including paintings, sculpture, photography etc! We also have a special section for film making. Enter a film and have it shown at TATE Modern!

Why Pollution?

Following the BBC's Blue Planet series, the nation has become aware of the devastation mankind is having on our world. Pollution is a huge issue which needs addressing and one that affects us all. The topic encourages artists to study the ways pollution affects their own lives, and has them consider innovative ways to create and present artworks which reflect the impact of litter and waste on the environment.

Entry Forms, Rules and Submission Deadline

Download the entry form here.

Submission deadline is 6th June 2018. More details on the entry form. Good luck!

Single artists or group entries are allowed. We limit 5 pieces of art per organisation and no limit to film entries.

Maximum size is 50 cm x 70 cm framed picture or freestanding sculpture.

Contest Details

Leytonstone Learning Link, 23-25 N Birkbeck Road, Leytonstone, London, E11 4JF.

10-15th June, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM.

Winners announced at 1:00 PM on 15th June.

The Winners' Exhibition Details

TATE Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG.

26th June, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Film entries will be shown at 1:30 PM.

Workshop ideas for organisation leads/art tutors to use:

Why not show examples of environmental/trash art. The following links may help:

  • Brainstorm ideas for individual trash art pieces; explore connections and ask guided questions
  • Have artists collect various articles of trash from the street and/or home
  • As a class, have learners sort rubbish into colour/size/shape groupings depending on the final artwork they intend to create
  • Encourage learners to organise found trash in creative ways to develop a new image.

These are just ideas to get you thinking! What you chose to do is only limited by your imagination!

Photos of Previous Winners