UF Radio is an internet based radio show compiled by Erron Wellington and our team of members who assist with the show.

Members meet weekly at "Out There! In Control" group to discuss topics of their choice. Previous topics have been 'My London', 'Nice work if you can get it' and 'Every vote counts'.

Listen to all our previous shows here. CDs are handed out to our members at the Groovy Cat Club too.


"Being part of a creative radio show, getting your points of view across and being part of it has made me happy and proud of myself." - Cynthia B

"That Erron is marvellous. He does the music for us. I like the CDs and listening to myself and the music." - Jamie C

"Its been amazing over the years! The music and requests, its been a fabulous show. I enjoy listening on the website." - Lauren R

"Being part of the radio team with Erron, Colin and others is the best, getting your voice heard whether the message is good or bad and being around the table talking to the gorgeous listeners. Its been fantastic and I'm so proud of the show." - Johan F