UF Radio - November 2023: "The Street Clean Episode"

This month, the UF Radio crew discussed how safe we are on our streets and the known link between crime and the physical environment. Living in good neighbourhoods that respect their spaces make the community feel safer and happier - with good street cleansing being key to this. There was discussion around how we could personally make a difference, including how the UF community could support litter picks as an act of investing in our local community. Read more

UF Radio - October 2023: "Celebrating Black History Month in the UK"

The theme for this year is the huge contribution of the Windrush generations (and before) within industries such as the NHS. We asked our Members to share with us how their grandparents and great-grandparents helped to shape the UK. We also looked into history and explored people who have changed employment law with their fighting spirit. We found out what family members would have been dancing to after a hard week's work. So be prepared for a vintage and fabulous playlist! Read more

UF Radio - September 2023: "Fashion Feeling Good"

This month's show coincides with London Fashion Week, where new and established designers show their best creations for this season. What does fashion mean to you? Is it a part of who you are? Who influences or shapes your style? Where do you look for clothes? How do you feel when you are wearing your favourite outfit? These are some of the questions we have explored this month against the background of some truly epic music! Read more

UF Radio - August 2023: "The Festival Show"

Most of us have felt the buzz of being at a festival. This month is full of festival and carnival excitement - with Brighton Pride, our very own Redbridge Festival in the Park raising awareness of the achievements of people with Learning Disabilities, and the one and only Notting Hill Carnival! Read more

UF Radio - July 2023: "Only One NHS"

This show marks the 75th year of the NHS. We explored how the group sees and feels about our NHS. Most members spoke loud and proud about the NHS and its hard work getting us through the Covid Pandemic. The issue of GP services featured heavily, with some negativity about the current strike action and its impact on patients needing urgent surgery. We also put together a special playlist for your enjoyment during this show! Read more

UF Radio - June 2023: "Headline News"

This month we discussed some of the current headline news including the ongoing train strikes, recent catastrophic incidents on the Indian railway and the two young people who died in Bournemouth. We also shared our thoughts on the passing of the legendary Tina Turner. A hot topic this week was Artificial Intelligence and its potential to replace humans and eliminate jobs. In the end, we had a great and varied discussion which inspired a very interesting song list to match! Read more

UF Radio - May 2023: "Celebrating the New King"

This month, the world was swept up with joyful celebrations to welcome the new King. Our members chose to talk about the momentous event of the King’s Coronation. We started with some questions: Do we need the Royal Family? What does the Royal Family mean to you all? Do you think King Charles will do a good job? What do you think he will bring to the table? A very interesting conversation followed and you can enjoy a song list inspired by Kings & Queens throughout! Enjoy! Read more

UF Radio - April 2023: "The Police. How Safe Are We?"

Our members have heard a lot of worrying things about the police. We discussed convicted police officers and the crimes they have committed. The group also shared their own experiences of their local police. Do we know our rights if stopped and searched or arrested? Do we need personal alarms? What needs to change?   Listen for an interesting viewpoint and conversation from people with Autism and/or with a learning disability. And enjoy some fabulous music along the way! Read more

UF Radio - March 2023: "The Laughter Show"

Laughter is the best medicine, so we thought we would laugh together this month. Laughter makes us feel good and relaxed! As well as being a great mood lifter, laughter strengthens the bonds between us. We explored what makes us laugh and who makes us laugh the hardest. Does laughter help you to feel good? Would you like to laugh more often? Enjoy some funny stories, trips down TV memory lane and remember characters that make us all laugh. Have a listen and appreciate how valuable laughter is. Read more

UF Radio - February 2023: "I Wanna Know What Love Is"

This month includes Valentine’s Day, so we have thought about our favourite love songs and how these songs move us. Why does a good love song stir the emotions? How does your chosen song make you feel? Does it have memories attached to it? Listen to the show to find out more. On the painful and sad side, the UF Radio Team wanted to pay their respects to Holocaust Memorial Day last month. We held a two-minute silence to remember all the people who lost their lives. Read more

UF Radio - January 2023: "Willpower and Me"

This month’s show explores how the group feel about the new year ahead in 2023 and any successful goals & resolutions they had last year. What advice can they offer to those who seek to change something in their lives? The key seems to be about personal willpower coupled with lots of support from those around you! We then went on to discuss goals for 2023 and how best to make them happen. The group selected a delightful list of uplifting tunes for your pleasure! Enjoy! Read more

UF Radio - December 2022: "The Christmas Show"

Well, as the year draws to an end, we are celebrating both Christmas 2022 and all the wonderful achievements that individuals in the group felt they have made. The group have been bold, creative, self-determined and most of all happy about important things they have made happen this year. Well done everyone and what a high note to close on! A very Happy Christmas from all of the Uniting Friends Radio team! Read more