UF Radio - December 2020: "Be Safe at Christmas"

It's Christmas and it's like no other. What's it going to be like this year? The UF Radio crew have been talking about their lockdown, isolation and loneliness and how they have been affected by the lack of services this year. At least it's Christmas and we can be with our families...or not. 2021 must be better, right? The UF Radio crew really hope so. Come and hear our discussion and listen to some crackin' seasonal tunes along the way! Read more

UF Radio - March 2020: "Independent Women"

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day. An equal world is an enabled world. How can we achieve a gender-equal world? Let’s celebrate women’s achievement and raise awareness against inequality. Listen to what the UF Radio crew think we need to do for equality and whilst doing so listen to some great girl power tunes chosen by the crew. Read more

UF Radio - February 2020: "Love Action"

It's Valentine's Day! This show looks at the issues that people with learning disabilities have when trying to find love. We discuss the lack of information and limited knowledge about intimate relationships and how people have no time without staff or carers which results in lack of privacy or space to develop a loving relationship. Read more

UF Radio - November 2019: "Remembrance and Kindness"

This month’s radio show is a celebration of National Kindness Day on November 13th. This is a recognition of how kindness benefits us all as human beings. Read more

UF Radio - October 2019: "Celebrate Black History"

Black History Month is an annual cultural celebration to honour the achievements of Black African and Caribbean people throughout our history and the movement towards equality for all. Listen to this show to hear what Black History means to Uniting Friends Members. Read more

UF Radio - September 2019: "Saying Goodbye"

This show is dedicated to our dearest friend David Brett, one of the co-hosts of this radio show. Losing a dear friend or relative is never easy and not saying goodbye is even harder. For this show, we remembered our friend by talking about how special he was and how he made us feel. Saying Goodbye to David is a fitting tribute to one of our longest serving members of Uniting Friends. Read more

UF Radio - August 2019: "The Beauty of Life"

In August we have the closing date for this year’s Tate Modern competition and the theme is “The Beauty of Life”. This month, the group were invited to talk about what they felt was beautiful in their lives. We talked about the beauty of family love and support, friendships celebrations, spirituality, peace, listening to music. Read more

UF Radio - July 2019: "Sporty Summer Fun"

This month we are discussing sport and how we feel about the sporting activities that are accessible to people with learning disabilities. We also asked the gang who they would take on a fantasy picnic. Listen for a great show and tunes to make you smile! Read more

UF Radio - June 2019: "All in the Mind"

For Mental Health Week we asked the UF Radio panel what they understood about mental health both from their personal experiences or what they had learnt from the media. Hear what they have to say and listen to the fantastic playlist that came from the discussion. Read more

UF Radio - May 2019: "Protest for Change"

The UF Radio crew discuss the big issues which affect our lives that need urgent action. This week we saw protesters take direct action by hitting the London streets to protest about climate change. Is this the way to get your message across? Should people have to take to the streets to be heard? Listen in to find out what we had to say. Read more

UF Radio - April 2019: "Lives Not Knives"

Every day we hear about another victim caught up in the knife crime epidemic. The UF Radio crew discuss this issue and how this is affecting them and their friends. Should we be afraid when we go out and about? What can we do to protect ourselves? What is being done about it? Listen what the UF Radio crew have to say. Read more

UF Radio - March 2019: "Brexit Madness"

With the 29th March getting near, the date that we are due to leave the EU, we don’t seem anywhere near a deal to break free. Hear what the UF Radio Crew have to say about it all. Let’s talk about the Brexit Madness! Read more