UF Radio - September 2021: "Team GB Paralympics Joy!"

This month the group have been talking about the excellent achievements of all the Team GB Paralympians taking part in Tokyo Paralympics. Everyone wanted to say how inspiring the sportspeople are to them, to congratulate them on their achievements & results and play a tune for their homecoming. Some great music selected, as always! Read more

UF Radio - August 2021: "Carnival!"

This month we wanted to bring the listeners a little piece of Carnival! We talked about Carnivals, from Notting Hill to the big one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We explored how Carnivals came about hundreds of years ago, originally to celebrate religious events, which excluded Black slaves. Once slavery was banned, the secret low-key Carnivals exploded into existence! The group shared whether they had ever been to a carnival and what they saw, heard and left. Read more

UF Radio - July 2021: "Back to Life"

This month we have been discussing getting back to life and, indeed, reality. In the light of the government relaxing of COVID restrictions from July 19th, we asked the group how they felt about these changes and whether they were happy to stop wearing their masks. The topic covered social distancing rules and how choices / behaviour will vary according how the risky a situation is at the time. Another great selection of tunes this month too! Read more

UF Radio - June 2021: "Here Comes Summer"

This month we are fully embracing the summer. After a rocky summer last year the members have been expressing their hopes and desires to return to the magic of summers gone by. Everyone contributed their views on what makes a special summer. They are looking forward to travelling with family, celebrating birthday BBQs with a nice party, days out at the beach, a trip to Jamaica or just chilling in the paddling pool with family. And listening to our sizzling summer playlist! Read more

UF Radio - May 2021: "Your Vote Counts"

The show this month covers a discussion on voting as the country went to the polls to choose/elect their local politicians, Police and Crime Commissioner and, in our case in Redbridge, the London Mayor. We looked at what support people had to make sense of all the information, and actually go and vote. The discussion led on to focus on what our members felt were really important issues that need everyone's attention, particularly our government. Read more

UF Radio - April 2021: "It's My Health!"

This month we talked about World Health Day and what that means today in 2021. Our members talked about what health means to them and who is responsible for our health? All this led to the ultimate question - how do you feel about your own health? It was clear that more work needs to be done around this vital topic before people actually feel in control of their health. A great song line-up will get you moving and feeling uplifted! Read more

UF Radio - March 2021: "Let's Hear it for the Girls"

This month we are celebrating International Women's Day and St. Patrick's Day. We shone a light on strong and fearless women of Ireland who helped to change history through challenging, speaking out and never being a quitter. Read more

UF Radio - February 2021: "Valentines and Vaccinations"

This month's show explores how people were feeling about their upcoming COVID vaccines. Did they feel concerned in any way or just confident that the vaccine would be a positive step back to normality? The people that had already been vaccinated gave feedback to reassure others. The show also covers our Valentine's theme and whether people felt they really wanted a relationship, if not currently in one. We invited the group to say how they could be supported to make this happen. Read more

UF Radio - January 2021: "Keeping it Fun in 2021"

After a pretty awful 2020, we started the new year talking about things that are known to make you and others feel good. We asked: "What can you do for someone in this difficult time?" Helping others is a tried and tested feel-good hormone trigger! We also asked about our own wellbeing, doing something new and doing more of what you love. We need to have fun! Listen to our show to hear what our crew had to say and, whilst you're at it, hear some great cracking tunes along the way. Read more

UF Radio - December 2020: "Be Safe at Christmas"

It's Christmas and it's like no other. What's it going to be like this year? The UF Radio crew have been talking about their lockdown, isolation and loneliness and how they have been affected by the lack of services this year. At least it's Christmas and we can be with our families...or not. 2021 must be better, right? The UF Radio crew really hope so. Come and hear our discussion and listen to some crackin' seasonal tunes along the way! Read more

UF Radio - March 2020: "Independent Women"

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day. An equal world is an enabled world. How can we achieve a gender-equal world? Let’s celebrate women’s achievement and raise awareness against inequality. Listen to what the UF Radio crew think we need to do for equality and whilst doing so listen to some great girl power tunes chosen by the crew. Read more

UF Radio - February 2020: "Love Action"

It's Valentine's Day! This show looks at the issues that people with learning disabilities have when trying to find love. We discuss the lack of information and limited knowledge about intimate relationships and how people have no time without staff or carers which results in lack of privacy or space to develop a loving relationship. Read more