UF Radio - February 2019: ""Je T'aime"

It's Valentine's month and time for love. Hear what the UF crew have to say about what love means to them. With a backdrop of the best romantic tunes, enjoy our love offering.Read more

UF Radio - December 2018: "Christmas in London"

On this month's show UF radio crew are talking about their favourite things that make Christmas magical in the capital. Hear about things people used to do with their families in London and some of their treasured memories.Read more

UF Radio - November 2018: "Every Time We Say Goodbye"

This month's show is all about remembrance of the fallen from WW1 and all wars. We discuss how it might have felt being sent off to war at a young age and also what we would like to say to the soldiers.Read more

UF Radio - October 2018: "Say A Little Prayer"

This is our Black History show, a celebration of Gospel music. This show is in tribute to the late Aretha Franklin who recently left us. In this show we ask the question: Does music lift your spirit?Read more

UF Radio - September 2018: "What do you need?"

This month the Uniting Friends Radio crew discuss the needs of people with Learning Disabilities when out in the community.Read more

UF Radio - August 2018: "Treat Me Well"

August edition of Uniting Friends Radio. This month we have been discussing healthcare and peoples' experience of using the doctors surgery or hospital.Read more

UF Radio - July 2018: "A Perfect Summer"

July's edition of Uniting Friends Radio. This month we are discussing things we like about the summer and what things we would like to bring back from years gone by.Read more

UF Radio - June 2018: "Too Much Pollution!"

June's edition Uniting Friends Radio. This month we are discussing pollution and the ways it effects us.Read more

UF Radio - May 2018: "Count me in!"

May's edition of Uniting Friends Radio. This month we are discussing upcoming local elections and things we would like to see change or stay the same.Read more

UF Radio - April 2018: "Let's hear it for the girls!"

April's edition of the new Uniting Friends Radio. This month we are celebrating the International Women's Day by discussing inspiring women and women in charge.Read more

UF Radio - March 2018: "Back to Life"

This month we discuss our beliefs and things we would bring back to life.Read more

UF Radio - February 2018: "To Feel Love"

This month we discuss relationships and what its like to feel love.Read more