UF Radio - May 2022: "My Eye Is My Ear"

11 million people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing. One of them is the Queen. Deaf people are more likely to have poor mental health. This month, the members have been discussing the awareness of deafness and how best to communicate with people who have hearing loss or are totally deaf. We had a guest speaker who invited the group to ask her questions about deafness. With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations upon us, we have also been sending our messages to the Queen. Read more

UF Radio - April 2022: "Nothing About Us Without Us"

With local elections on our doorstep, the focus of this month’s show is the importance of voting and having your say as a member of your community. We discussed our main issues, like safety on the streets, knife crime prevention, financial problems and paying for gas and electric bills, the war in Ukraine, supporting children’s and young people’s education after the pandemic, and more. Listen for a wonderful list of tunes to add some rocket fuel to your fire on route to voting! Read more

UF Radio - March 2022: "War. What is it Good For?"

Sadly, this month’s show was an outpouring of the group’s feelings regarding the invasion of Ukraine and its devastating impact on the people of Ukraine. There has been no way to sugar-coat this topic. The members are equally traumatised, as is the most of the world. So, listen for a direct viewpoint from the members of UF Radio. We thought about the tunes that have a meaningful lyric and may bring some hope to our listeners. Read more

UF Radio - February 2022: "We Love Romance"

With this month being the month of love and St. Valentine’s Day, we thought we would explore how the group felt about romance. Is it dead or alive, in their opinion? What does it mean to be ‘romantic’? We asked the group to plan a romantic date for a loved one or someone they’d like to take on a date. Romance was definitely in the air for the UF Radio crew! Listen to find out what people had to say, and hear our smooth, goose-pimple-inducing tunes! Read more

UF Radio - January 2022: "Resolutions 2022"

After the festive season is over, we are all thinking about how this year, 2022, will pan out for us. The UF Radio crew have been looking at what worked well for them last year and how they would like to build on their achievements. Confidence built through learning new skills, making friends and getting on well with them, feeling more independent and learning to walk again after knee operation, were all discussed this month. Read more

UF Radio - December 2021: "Step into Christmas"

Here we have for you our wonderful Christmas show! Group members have shared what Christmas means to them as individuals. We had a real dig-deep discussion on the gift to give yourself. Would it be a material gift or something you are striving to bring about within yourself? You won’t be disappointed at the selection of magical and delightful tunes for your festive ears this month. Read more

UF Radio - November 2021: "Shining A Light On Our Planet"

This month we have been celebrating Hanukkah and Diwali with songs about light, this being a key feature of both religious festivals. Another crucial date for November is of course Remembrance Day, casting light upon all the lost lives throughout World Wars 1 and 2. We have really packed a lot into this show as the COP26 has been running in Glasgow, the issues way too important to pass by! So you’ll need to listen to find out what people heard and thought about COP26. Read more

UF Radio - October 2021: "Proud to Be"

This month we celebrate Black History Month and, in the UK, the theme is 'Proud to Be'. The Members talked about why Black History is important and about what they individually are proud to be. Some of the group shared which great black person has inspired them in their lives. Being proud of their work achievements was a regular theme featured in this show. Read more

UF Radio - September 2021: "Team GB Paralympics Joy!"

This month the group have been talking about the excellent achievements of all the Team GB Paralympians taking part in Tokyo Paralympics. Everyone wanted to say how inspiring the sportspeople are to them, to congratulate them on their achievements & results and play a tune for their homecoming. Some great music selected, as always! Read more

UF Radio - August 2021: "Carnival!"

This month we wanted to bring the listeners a little piece of Carnival! We talked about Carnivals, from Notting Hill to the big one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We explored how Carnivals came about hundreds of years ago, originally to celebrate religious events, which excluded Black slaves. Once slavery was banned, the secret low-key Carnivals exploded into existence! The group shared whether they had ever been to a carnival and what they saw, heard and left. Read more

UF Radio - July 2021: "Back to Life"

This month we have been discussing getting back to life and, indeed, reality. In the light of the government relaxing of COVID restrictions from July 19th, we asked the group how they felt about these changes and whether they were happy to stop wearing their masks. The topic covered social distancing rules and how choices / behaviour will vary according how the risky a situation is at the time. Another great selection of tunes this month too! Read more

UF Radio - June 2021: "Here Comes Summer"

This month we are fully embracing the summer. After a rocky summer last year the members have been expressing their hopes and desires to return to the magic of summers gone by. Everyone contributed their views on what makes a special summer. They are looking forward to travelling with family, celebrating birthday BBQs with a nice party, days out at the beach, a trip to Jamaica or just chilling in the paddling pool with family. And listening to our sizzling summer playlist! Read more