How to join

The first step to becoming a member is to contact us and make an appointment to visit. A discussion will take place about what groups and activities you would like to do, as well as assessing your support needs.

Why not arrange to come and see us? We can even arrange a free 'taster' day to see if you like it!

Activity costs

These are additional and can vary depending on the type of activity you choose. All activity costs are displayed in our 'activities and events' section. 

Support costs

Services that do not need payment can be purchased directly by yourself or through Direct Payments, Personal Budgets or through Local Authority commissioned services. The cost of services will depend on the level of support needed and this will be assessed when you pay us a visit. For some members, this may be free.

Our staff support costs are displayed below:

Support worker to member ratio: Price per hour
3:1 £12.50
2:1 £14.50
1:1 £16.50
own support*/independent £5

*If you would like to bring your own support worker and so not require support from Uniting Friends staff.

Transport Costs

If you live within our pickup/dropoff route, transport can be arranged for £12 per day.

We can also help you arrange Dial-a-Ride and taxi services.