Alex first joined Sprout There! with her wonderful support worker Jo, four years ago.

Our spacious green environment gave Alex the opportunity to explore and interact playfully with all those involved in the project. Alex needed the time to observe and just be part of the team.

Over the years Alex's dependency changed into assertive requests to help with familiar gardening tasks, which have now become her specific jobs. She takes charge of emptying old compost (usually with a loud shout of "Gone!") and watering the seedlings in the polytunnel.

Alex never fails to surprise the team with her quiet observation and decisions to replicate a task, like 'potting on' when she thinks no-one is watching.

Her confidence and creativity has also increased with her involvement in art activities which also take place in the garden.

All the different aspects of Sprout There! actively promote and encourage Alex's confidence and independence as well as encourage her to communicate with us all. She is a young and vital woman. A well-loved and enthusiastic member of Sprout There! whose noisy spontaneous fun is contagious!

- Deborah, Sprout There! Coordinator