Gwen (Julian's Mother): Julian has been a member of Uniting Friends since it began. He attends both the daytime and evening and weekend service. Having Uniting Friends to support us has been a blessing.

"I've seen Julian develop so much with skills that have enabled him to do so much more for himself." - Gwen, Julian's Mother

Julian needs constant support because of his disability and he gets the best at the project.

His recent achievement has been through losing weight. The Uniting Friends/Slimming World programme has been wonderful and in 10 weeks I have seen great improvements.

He has lost a stone and a half which is incredible and this has helped steady his blood pressure. Even I have dieted along with him and lost 2 stone myself! Last week he won slimmer of the week and came home with a certificate and prizes. I can't thank everyone enough for what they are doing.

Julian: My favourite things at Uniting Friends...I love going to London. I like playing tennis and hitting the ball over the net. I like playing golf and sports. The dance group is really good.

I'm on a diet [rubs belly] and really good. I have weight off and a certificate.

I also like going to Butlins (Bognor) at Christmas. We watched a panto.

Gwen: I don't know what we would do without Uniting Friends. Apart from all it does for Julian, it also gives me a break during the day. Being a full time older carer, it is very hard with Julian's high support needs.