Focus, relax and develop your mind, body and inner core with Yoga that is suitable for all abilities.

"The principle of yoga is mindfulness and I create this state during the session using many yoga techniques such as posture, breathing and meditation. Because the name of my session is special yoga many of the methods used have been modified for use by people who may have restricted mobility. For example, the posture and yoga positions can be used while seated, I use 'chair' positions. I was sent on a 3 day training course which was run at the special yoga foundation in Notting Hill and have brought the wealth of experience from my course teacher into my yoga sessions at Uniting Friends." - Colin Walters, Yoga Teacher  

  • Discover the therapeutic benefits of Yoga
  • Adapted poses for inclusive participation
  • Develop greater focus and attention

Cost: £4 per session.

Location: Frenford Club, Ilford.