Find your voice, develop your confidence

We help you to develop your confidence and to speak out and share your opinions!Read more

Make friends, have fun, be happy

We have over 220 wonderful members to become friends with! Every week we have many daytime and evening activities and events, so you will make a strong group of friends in no time.Read more

Health and wellbeing

We have many projects and activities to do with improving health and wellbeing. Gym, sports, Slimming World, cooking classes, growing food, name it, we've got it!Read more

Getting into work

We support you and provide training to learn all the skills you need to find a job and do well in the world of work.Read more

Gain Independence

We offer training and support for our members' to become more independent wherever possible. We have a fully furnished training flat to teach cooking, cleaning and laundry, as well as a range of special activities and support groups.Read more