Learn new sporting skills from a fully qualified sailing instructor. Fully inclusive for all members. £3 per session. Read more

From Old to New

Upcycle unwanted items to new, imaginative furniture. Learn painting and decorating skills. Develop your own style. £3 per session. Read more

This is Me Through Art

Discover more about yourself and your identity. Expand your self-esteem. Create a picture journal. £3 per session. Read more

Sensory Creations

Explore your different senses. Express yourself through art. Create your own project. £3 per session. Read more


Learn to use a camera. Create a photographic project. Use multimedia to edit your photos. £3 per session. Read more


Learn a new craft. Develop artistic skills. Take home your masterpiece! £3 per session. Read more

Knit, Stitch and Natter

Learn to knit, crochet and sew. Design and create. Friendly and social atmosphere. £3 per session. Read more

I Love Fashion

Learn the skills for fashion illustration and design. Create your own fashion colour palette. Up-cycle clothes. £3 per session. Read more

Cross Stitch

Learn needlework skills. Relaxing and artistic. Take your project home! £3 per session. Read more

Arts and Crafts

Learn the skills to design and create pictures. Make your own jewellery and gifts. Use different colours, materials and textures. £3 per session. Read more

Art for Change

Use art to communicate what you want in your life. Learn art skills to explore new things about yourself. Self-advocacy through art. £3 per session. Read more

Art in the Garden

Be creative! Use natural and recycled materials to make art. Enjoy the plants and wildlife. £3 per session. Read more

Art 4 Fun

Learn new art skills. Develop your confidence. Become more creative. £3 per session. Read more


Tutored by a professional voice coach. Sing solo or as part of a group. Discover a talent! £3 per session. Read more

Rhythm Zone

Learn to sing solo and as a group. Play lots of different instruments. Make your own sounds and music. £3 per session. Read more

Drumming Workshop

Learn a new skill. Be creative through sound. Play to the beat and rhythm! £3 per session. Read more


Develop your acting skills. Participate in scenarios to help build confidence. Perform in front of an audience. £3 per session. Read more


Dance, exercise and get fit. Energetic, lively and fun. Move to the rhythm! £3 per session. Read more

Dance Zone

Create new dance routines. Fun and energetic. Get fit with your favourite songs. £3 per session. Read more

Autism Movement Therapy

Stimulates the brain through music and movement. Aids sensory processing. Develops and encourages gross motor skills. £3 per session. Read more

Wellbeing for Women

Enjoy hairdressing, alternative therapies and facials. Relax with natural beauty, massage and exercise. Discuss healthy living and weight management. £3 per session. Read more

Wellbeing for Men

Learn to unwind with relaxation and exercise. Enjoy alternative therapies, facials and a massage. Discuss healthy living and weight management. £3 per session. Read more

Walking Group

Great exercise to get fit and healthy. Enjoy your local parks and the nearby countryside. Meet new people in other walking groups. Read more

Slimming World

Learn about healthy eating. May lead to weight reduction. Easy to follow programme. Fun and interactive. £4.95 per week (plus joining fee). Read more

Music and Movement

Healthy exercise for all. Movement to music. Rhythmic and fun. £3 per session. Read more

Making Natural Products

Learn a great and useful craft. Make items to raise money. Make soaps, lotions and potions! Read more

It's All About Me!

Decide what interests you and learn about it. Learn about personal wellbeing. Participate in pamper sessions. Discover different relaxation techniques. £3 per session. Read more

Life Stories

Share and present your personal life experiences. Develop your memories with multimedia and art. Create a 'Life Story' using your choice of tools. Read more

From Plot to Plate

Harvest your own fruit and veg. Make a delicious, quick and easy lunch. Allotment venue. £3 per session. Read more


Improve your coordination and skills. Be taught to play by a professional coach. Get fit and healthy. £3 per session. Read more


Enjoy a healthy and fun sport. Fully supervised for all abilities. Refreshments available to boost your energy. £2.25 per session (with membership). Read more

Sports Games

Learn to play pool, darts and other games. Improve your skills. Encourages team work. £3 per session. Read more

Music Box

Barry McGuigan Boxing Academy. Exercise with music. Boxing movement and fitness. £3 per session. Read more


Includes basketball, table tennis and much more! Sessions with qualified instructors. A great way to keep in shape. £3 per session. Read more

Horse Riding

Supports muscle strength, balance and coordination. Promotes stress relief, patience and focus. Weight limit of 13 st (82.5 kg) applies to participate. £3 per session. Read more


Keep yourself fit. Fully supervised for all abilities. Be trained on how to use the equipment. £4 per session (with membership). Read more


Adapted bikes available. Learn to ride a bike. Cycle at the Olympic Velodrome and Velopark! £3 per session. Read more

Stable Hand

Animal care and welfare. Maintenance of stables and paddocks. Volunteering opportunity. Read more

Sprout There!

Get fit and healthy. Led by experienced and qualified horticultural staff. Learn to care for plants and grow fruit and vegetables. Read more

Multi Me

Learn computer skills. Upload text, images and videos. Create your own plans and diaries. £3 per session. Read more

Event Planning

Promoting equality and diversity. Plan festive events and performances. Understand different cultures. £3 per session. Read more

Dog Walking

Learn training techniques. Increase your confidence around animals. Understand responsibility. Read more

Childcare Volunteer

Work with children. Support creative play. Learn how children develop. Read more

Cafe Training

Catering training and service skills. Run our lunch service. Learn skills to work in a cafe. Read more

Travel Training

Learn skills for safe travel. Increase your confidence. Learn to plan routes. Read more

Total Communication

Make simple changes to improve interaction. Create personalised methods of communication. Beneficial to those with limited verbal communication. £3 per session. Read more

Photography for Communication

Develop a personal communication tool. Learn to use a camera. Help yourself to communicate more easily with others. £3 per session. Read more

Out and About

Develop your independence. Travel training to help you plan your journey. Enjoy a great day out. £3 per session. Read more

Living Skills

Use our training flat facilities. Learn and develop your living skills. A step towards independence. £3 per session. Read more

Lights, Camera, Action!

Act our interesting scenarios. Learn how to stay safe. Use multimedia to edit your videos. Read more

Express Yourself

Develop your communication skills. Express yourself in the right way. Respect different opinions. Read more

Educational Skills

Improve on your basic skills. Numeracy and money. Reading and writing. Read more

Current Affairs

Group discussions about modern topics. See what's happening in the news. Look at research, newspapers and the internet. £3 per session. Read more

Special Yoga

Discover the therapeutic benefits of Yoga. Adapted poses for inclusive participation. Develop greater focus and attention. £3 per session. Read more


Improve your coordination skills. Gentle exercise for your body. Compete with your friends. £3 per session. Read more

Tai Chi

Energise yourself in a calm atmosphere. Low impact muscle toning suitable for everyone. Learn to relax and meditate. £3 per session. Read more